London & Paris vacation for 12 Days!

Hello friends,

We have been lucky enough to connect with a friend in London who has offered up her spacious flat for a few days.  We are staying for 10 days in jolly-old-England and a few in Paris.  Vacation jackpot for our family!!!  Time to turn the daily saving into daily spending!! (just for a bit)

No computers, just cameras to capture as many amazing moments as possible.  Our kids are 9 & 10 and excited to go.  We've planned pretty well (I hope!) and have some British Pounds and Euros in hand...

Time to make some memories!!!  

My apologies in advance to my #FF buddies on 8/5 but I'll make it up.

Off to London for some of the old and some of the new...

Talk soon,

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Daria said...

How fun! What a great vacation. Hope you have a wonderful time. And love the new look of your site!