3 Interview topics for work and home

Recently, I've been spending a lot of time consulting (as you may have noticed from my sporadic blog activity-- bad form, I know).  The company is hiring a few people and I'm leading the interview processes.  I've tightened up the job descriptions (based on the general goals and specific expectations for the position), written compelling (hopefully) job posts and outlined the phone and face-to-face interviews.  Ready to roll!

Going through this exercise got me thinking about my role at home...

Are my skills good enough to actually get this job at home if I had to apply for it?!

I ask candidates questions that lead to insights about skills and experiences that are likely to transfer into success in the key competency areas of the job.  Drive and the pursuit of continuous improvement are basic expectations at work.  Do I have that at home?  Probably not as much as I should.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that my "work family" isn't the real one and the real one should get my best effort.  Always.

Here are a few core competencies and questions that seem to apply for the job at home AND work:

Planning:  "How/When do you plan your day and your week?  How/When do you set your goals for yourself?"
Organization: "How do you keep yourself organized.  Tell me about a recent project you organized and what you might do differently next time.  How did you prioritize the steps of the project?"

My personal favorites: Self-Awareness, Improvement:
-  "When was the last time you asked for feedback?  What did you learn about yourself?  What action steps did you take to improve?"
-  What is the one area you feel you could improve upon that would make the greatest impact on those around you?  What have you done in the last 30 days to develop in that area?

Based on your answers, would you give you the job?

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