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The New ADR #PeopleFocus #GrowBusiness

A   .   D   .   R  .

That's one definition of  an  A . D . R.

Let's redefine ADR for the purposes of keeping it simple for our business...

A ttract
D evelop
R etain

As Leaders, if we spend enough energy on: 
Attracting the right people,
Invest enough to Develop them,
And plan / track how to Retain them.

Which do you tend to focus on more, or less?

3 keys to your Credit Score - Who knew? Road to 800...

1. Credit Card Usage: 
Are you paying off credit cards immediately with money you already have?
#Don'tSpendMoneyYouDon'tHave (yet)

2. Payment History:
Do you check your alerts often enough, or have a plan outlined to anticipate when bills are coming?
#GetOnTheProgram      #It'sTheSameTimeEveryMonth

3. Age of Credit:
Hang in there! Don't switch out cards every time you get one of those fabulous offers in the mail!


Do these things right and you open the door of opportunity down the road... the road to 800.

I was surprised recently to learn these were the Top 3 Measurables and we came out ok!

Good luck, please let me know how I can help,


When the SHE DR is in, YOU win.

When it comes to the most important resource in your organization, the human one, big companies tend to over-complicate and small companies can ignore some of the basic and critical pieces of effective 'cradle to grave' handling of you and me.

If they get it right, it's a win/win for you AND them... The SHE DR is in:

'Post and Pray' is over. Go out of your way to get the right fit. Be PRO-ACTIVE. LinkedIn, join relevant groups, work your own contacts and ask others to do the same.  Don't forget employee referrals, the #1 way go get great candidates.
Behavioral Interviewing. Make sure your evaluation is competency based. Gut isn't good enough! Keep it objective. Give homework to see what they can do. Source/Interview twice, Hire once. I just made that up.
10 question employees as consciously or un... YOU should know the answer to. (expectations? recognition, development, opinions, etc.)
How can we work together to improve performance in your current role and prepare you for the next one?
Employees don't leave companies, they leave managers, and few others. Do you know what they are?

Let's keep it simple.
What am I missing? What are the other keys to success?
Thanks for your feedback!


7 pic Euro Vacation recap

Summer is flying by, hope you had/have great vacations that didn't break the bank!




Enjoy the rest of your summer. Don't blink, August is here...