Everyone wants what you have! Your $$

Attitudes about money have a big impact on your cash flow.

I've recently had an attitude adjustment.  
I'm at home with the kids and playing the new role of financial watchdog, working the "other side" of the family balance sheet for a change.  I've always been pretty good at it but now I have to be really good at it.

I have an extensive sales background.  I know sales speak when I hear it and recognize sales activity when I see it.  Now, I have become a total sales hawk...  It's a game to me now and I'm bringin' the attitude!  My favorite phrase has become, "Whoa, not so fast!"

The sights, smells, and sounds that work to manipulate our purchasing behavior is overwhelming.  Every time you walk into a store, turn on the TV, open the newspaper, your Twitter account, or drive by a billboard, someone is trying to sell you something.  I've been trying to make my kids aware of what's really going on and now that they receive allowance, it comes to life.  Hopefully it sticks.

Never, Never, Never forget that it is your money and YOU freely make choices about what to do with it.  Don't get pushed around and don't make excuses for sales behavior.  Many do and pay for it.

Every time I enter a sales situation, no matter how subtle, I envision the store, the cashier, my TV, a DM, slipping me a note. "Give us your money."  They might as well be, it is their ultimate goal.  They do not care about me, my family, or my situation, regardless of how nice they seem.  I love sales people, don't get me wrong but this is not about people.  It is about situations, motives, and your own fiscal discipline.  Don't forget that their goals are not the same as yours.  They want your money but it is your decision whether you want to give it to them or not.

Stay strong and stick to your plan.  Bring the attitude!


KimD said...

Thanks for the pick-me-up! We have started month #3 of a No Spend Challenge...and it's been a challenge! We are staying strong and they may want my money...but I want my money more! :-)

Gregg Pechmann said...

Great post.
It's important to stay focused and realize that being content is not a bad thing sometimes. Don't feel like you have to keep up with the Jones's....

mim said...

Good visuals. MY money, MY money.... I'll have to remember that "slipping a note" visual next time I'm tempted to buy the $3.50 beef jerky or sodas at the check out line...

Ryan@couponshack said...

So true. Very important to be financially conscious in and around these situations. All they want is your money; it's not personal, just business! Great post.