And we're back...

We leave the U.S. and the markets crash.  We arrive in the U.K. and London burns.  Good thing nothing crazy happened when we were in Paris, that city is absolutely perfect the way it is!

Things are expensive over there and the exchange rate doesn't help but the opportunity to experience some of Europe with our kids was worth every over priced British Pound and Euro.  Exposing them to a world outside of what we live every day and helping them to understand and experience that it is a big world out there, is truly a priceless experience.  They probably won't remember too many trip details down the road, the recall will begin to take shape around the pictures and video.  But who knows what the long term impact will be?  We will continue to provide experiences to challenge and expand their developing minds to recognize the amazing possibilities and opportunities they have before them.

Enough of that!  We had a blast and by following some of my own saving/spending rules, it was not a budget busting experience.  Whoa!

These kids hardly know who the Beatles are but they got the full-on Abbey Road experience!

Time to start planning the next trip...  where should we head next??


Cynthia said...

What a wonderful, enriching experience for your kids!

Anonymous said...

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SuperUltraJulie said...

OMG Brian!

These are excellent photos. Paris? ((So jealous)) I'll get there one day - LOL!

Frugalista said...

Someplace warm! Brazil? It's becoming a real player. Or relax on a Caribbean island.