A journey from 'Bigger is Better' to Bulk Blurs.

A wholesale club always holds the promise of a HUGE deal, doesn't it?

I've gotten pretty good with quick calculations to determine per unit pricing.  I feel like Rain Man as I pass through the aisles tying to spot a good deal.  That has proven to be the quickest way to slice through the hype of sale noise, BOGO, 2 for X, and other assorted hooks to get us to buy any given product.

After 45 minutes of walking the cold cavernous aisles, I found two deals.  That was it.  I remember how I used to shop here, overloading my oversized shopping cart, when I didn't pay really close attention to pricing and certainly didn't have a budget that I stuck to.  I was an easy target, a dream customer.

I just picked stuff up and felt like I wouldn't have to buy it again in a while, therefore, it was a good deal.  I was all wrapped up in Bigger is Better.  I was drinking the warehouse kool-aid and buying the 5 pound bag of kitty litter when I really only needed... wait, I didn't even have a cat!!  It was a hypnotic-like experience.  Advantage: Big Box.

There are bargains to be had I'm sure but I didn't find many.  Now I didn't have the in-store coupons and I know bulk purchases are good for concession stands but I couldn't help seeing generics in place of most of this stuff and envisioning where I could get the same item, per unit cost, cheaper.

I felt terrible when I thought about my spending habits in this place years ago.  I really wasted a lot of money but I didn't realize it at the time.  I didn't know what things cost to the extent that I do now and I literally paid for my ignorance. I wish I had saved those bucks then and bought AAPL stock instead...

Every store creates its own reality inside their walls and I blindly bought into Bigger is Better.  My recent walk through, as a better educated consumer since my last walk through, made me dizzy.

I see it clearly now, Bulk Blurs.  

What has your warehouse shopping experience been?

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Daria @ Mom in Management said...

I went to Costco on Tuesday and had the same experience. I used to go there weekly and sometimes 2x a week (isn't bulk supposed to lessen the shopping?). Now (with coupons) I can get almost all of the items for less at a grocery store without the temptation to buy all the impulse things available at a big box store. My tip for saving? Go to a straight grocery store with limited impulse options to distract you. :)