Time for Suze to rock some feedback for DailySaving!

I love to get and give feedback.  I've come to realize I need it.  It's how we get better and help others to do the same.  My career as a coach, manager, and director has conditioned me to think, "How are we doing and how can we do better?"  When I was working full-time, that type of communication was free flowing.  Being home now, my kids are not really into the notion of performance planning and formal performance reviews!  Imagine that.  Although those things do take place in different forms at home, there is a significant feedback void for me, especially in my new areas of responsibility.  

I am no longer accountable for a sales team of 100 sales reps and 10 managers, now one of my top priorities is family finance.  I always balanced the checkbook, paid the bills, etc., but I have taken a much deeper dive into the books now that I have more time to do it.  One of the frustrating things for me has been, "How am I really doing??"  I talk often about defining your own reality and Suze Orman has recently been talking about "Standing in your Truth", both the first step to making real improvements to your current situation.

One of the ways I put myself to the test, to see how I'm really doing, was getting in touch with the aforementioned Suz and opening the family books to her.  They thought my story was compelling enough for a spot on her show!  I put the numbers together for her and taped the segment a few weeks ago.  It is airing this weekend on CNBC!!!

Your "How am I Doing" segment will be on this Saturday, 4/30/11. The Suze Orman Show airs on CNBC at 9:00pm eastern and repeats again at 12:00 midnight.
Thank you again for participating on the show.

Suze Orman Show/CNBC

My need for feedback (I'm sure there's plenty of deep-seated insecurity in there too!) to improve drove me to find some new ways to get it and now it's out there for everyone to see...  Oh my.  Wish me luck!!!  And if you get a chance tune in, let me know what you think!  (you know I love feedback...)

4-30-11 RESULTS

How else do you measure your own performance (family, financial, etc.) when there is not a formal feedback mechanism in place?


Our Mom Spot said...

This is awesome Brian!
We'll make an announcement @ Our Mom Spot.

KimD said...

How awesome and scary at the same time! Of course if I were to do this, I'd first have to get my finances in order...kind of like cleaning your house before the cleaning lady comes over! :-)

Daily Saving said...

Thanks @OurMomSpot! Kim, I've been there!! I think my personal finance clean up has been going on for a few months. Either way, I hope to get something out of it that will help... We'll see! Quick, here's come the MerryMaids! :)

Ryan@couponshack said...

Wow! Very exciting, can't wait to see it and provide some feedback!

Daily Saving said...

Thanks Ryan, just be gentle!!!