The staying power of the hand written note.

What are the things that have had the most impact on you over the years?  Little things do mean a lot and a hand written note, on the surface, is a little thing.  It is widely recognized as a good practice in business.  I've found that it works at home too.

Taking time out of a busy schedule and caring enough to pull out a card, or just a piece of paper and write, not type, a message of thanks, appreciation, or acknowledgement of a job well done.  A message to let someone know that you have recognized their efforts and that you care.  We're all human and it feels good to be appreciated.

Recognized when you're not expecting it.  Everyone gets a nice card on their birthday or even a bit of recognition at a meeting but when you don't see it coming, it feels more sincere and often has a greater impact.

The hand-written note stands the test of time in the age of crazy schedules and a seemingly always full Inbox.  I still have a few that were given to me over the years and as I reflect back on them, I realize what a profound impact they really did have.  I always enjoyed writing them and "finding something right" that a member of the team had done.  It always let them know you were paying attention to the details.  That also had the added benefit of letting them know I was paying attention.  Nothing wrong with that!

I recently thought that I should give it a try here at home.  I wrote a note to my son and one to my daughter as I sat at each of their desks while they were at school one day.  I know that they both still have them, they mentioned it to Mom... my daughter also told her that, "I keep everything Dad writes to me."  Well, not sure that's 100% accurate but I'll take the sentiment!

It's a practice that should not be overlooked.  I need to do more of it.

Have you had any experiences +/- on the subject?


Judy said...

I think a handwritten note tells people you really care in business & in personal matters. There is too much "quick and easy" communication today...makes things impersonal.

A hand written note adds a personal touch.

Great post!

Daily Saving said...

HI Judy, thanks for stopping by! I agree. It's more difficult to find the time to do these days it but it also more impactful as everyone can recognize what it takes to take the time. B