Saving Tip: ABC's work!

Love the Lowe's!  I need to find a way to save on my addiction...

I recently had a very good experience with ABC Gift Cards.  We first tried it for an Ann Taylor gift card, 30% off.  That was perfect for back to school shopping for my wife.  I was skeptical at first but did some digging and it seemed legit.
The BBB gives it an "A" on an A+ to F scale.

OK, the card is a good deal on the surface but what happens when something goes wrong?  How is their customer service?  

I had trouble ordering my Lowe's card (recent promotion, save an additional 2%), checkout timed me out twice and I didn't get a confirmation.  I didn't think it went through... until I checked my cc transactions online (DailyActivity!)  I was charged BOTH times and had no confirmation!  Oh, boy, here we go... time to contact the company.  Fingers crossed...

I received an e-mail follow up to the phone call I had received within 3 hours of my initial email.  I responded and by the next (this) morning I had a confirmation for the 1 Lowe's gift card I intended to purchase and follow up that the additional charge will be removed.  WOW!  That was easy and very well done on their end.  Nice job, ABC Gift Cards !

I just got a 10% discount coupon in the mail from Lowe's, I have the GC, and to complete the tri-fecta, I will keep looking for those store sales, or discontinued items in-store.  I'm going to be buying things at this store anyway, I might as well plan to $ave ahead of time!

Good luck!  Any other thoughts or proven tricks to add?  Thanks ~ Brian

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