3 keys to your Credit Score - Who knew? Road to 800...

1. Credit Card Usage: 
Are you paying off credit cards immediately with money you already have?
#Don'tSpendMoneyYouDon'tHave (yet)

2. Payment History:
Do you check your alerts often enough, or have a plan outlined to anticipate when bills are coming?
#GetOnTheProgram      #It'sTheSameTimeEveryMonth

3. Age of Credit:
Hang in there! Don't switch out cards every time you one of those fabulous offers in the mail!

I thought you might appreciate, for once, getting right to the point and getting 1, 2, 3 
without a scroll down or a slideshow click through... I know I would.

Do these things right and you open the door of opportunity down the road... the road to 800.

I was surprised recently to learn these were the Top 3 Measurables and we came out ok!

Good luck, please let me know how I can help,

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