Financial Friend$ & Enemie$

There is no shortage of financial tips and tricks, hot stocks and get rich quick and flip programs... There is no substitute for common sense and diligence.

There was a recent piece on +CNBC about security breaches; Anthem, HD, Target, and the Federal Government and tax returns...

'What can you do to protect yourself?' The expert offered sage, timeless simple advice: PAY ATTENTION

and who better to learn from when it comes to pay attention lessons?


It wasn't that long ago when you got your credit card bill monthly via snail mail... sat down with the unopened letter (the ritual often required an adult beverage in reach in case the news was really bad) and brace for impact... what was the damage? Will I have enough left over to feed the dog? That sad guessing game had us set up to fail.

Those days are over and all of your financial information is accessible in real time.

2 tips for friends & enemies now that we have all have real time access:

1.) Make a regular habit to check in with your friends, your money, keep it close, several times a week, if not daily, so you know what you have and what's due to go out. I'm a mint.com guy.
     (balance the checkbook, create and reference list of upcoming expenses. No more surprises!)

2.) Keep the enemy closer: What are those credit cards up to today? Know what your total spend is everyday. Do you know? The more you look the more you'll see trends and opportunities to cut.

How do you keep your organized, what other resources do you use?

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