How's your online tapestry?

I'm always thinking about my next job and what I have to do and showcase now for that next employer because you never know when that time is going to come...  The online footprint in now generally accepted as a way to dig up dirt on any candidate whereas only a few years ago it was fairly controversial as to whether that info was fair game for an employer to use.  So the first step in this preparation effort is to make sure that LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, and Pinterest are all tightened up.  Does this post add to my profile to a would be employer or does it detract?

I hope that this online tapestry adds up to something positive.  But as we know, HOPE is not a strategy.  I've always kept an eye out for a way to streamline 'all of me' instead of leaving it all up to chance and Google.

I found a great new way to provide unique depth to my profile and I control who I share it with.  It is not public and cannot be trolled or viewed by anyone like recruiters on LinkedIn.

MyCred is a great new tool that helps me to streamline all of me and distribute on my terms, no more leaving it up to chance.  It's an online portfolio that allows you to store and control all of your work and personal history along with interests and pretty much anything else you can think of that would be of interest to a prospective employer or college admissions board.  I've got all my social media links in there so there is no need to dig around to complete the picture of who I am.  Add pics, links & video, it is comprehensive and very cool.  I got lost in loading all the links of my road race finishes over the year.  I had forgotten how much I've really done.  MyCred acts as a great personal archive too.

I have MyCred portfolios for my kids already as a place to hold all of the stuff that I'm going to forget about as time rolls on.  Early grades and accomplishments that begin to paint the picture of who they are populate the portfolio but it also houses goals and development opportunities for themselves and anyone else they choose to share this or any part of this info with.  It's powerful and easy.

It's worth looking into.  https://medcred.com/

Represent yourself well and on your terms.
I wish more candidates applied to my jobs with this type of depth.

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