Help someone get an early start. They will be benefit greatly.

I've spent much of my time at home trying to figure out if I should be worried.  Another chapter in my personal "define your reality" series...  What I have learned is that I put a tremendous asset on my side: time.

I have parents that struggled, worked hard, and were frugal at every turn.  I was lucky, I learned a lot from them that has helped to shape my own saving and frugality.  Then, I got out of college and got lucky again.  I got a job where I was able to learn about retirement savings.  I remember one chart they showed at one of those retirement seminars (see below), that further impacted my approach to savings.  It made a dramatic impact on my life.  Saving became a priority for me.  Those learnings have shaped my current financial situation that is on solid ground right now as I cross the 40-line...

Nature or Nurture?  I don't have any research to go on but most money behavior and attitudes are learned.  We CAN have an impact on others (kids, nephews, friends) to further the understanding of this simple concept that makes such a difference.

Help someone, or help yourself, to get the bug for saving and saving early.  Put time on your side.  The numbers don't lie.  Markets change and interest rates fluctuate but the test of time is one we can help others to pass.  Money stigma be damned. (talk about it!!)  This is a big positive impact you can have on others.  Think of the possibilities.

Save early and often.  A (free) interest calculator to run your numbers.

Chart 1:  Initial investment at 45 years old: $10k, $5k each year up to 65 => $216,000 (My Investment= $110k)

Chart 2:  Initial investment at 25 years old: $10k, $6k each year up to 65 =>    $1,031,429 (My Investment= $250k)

Make sure you see the differences on the Y-axis

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