New Blog. SMART goals.

I'm just getting started and I couldn't be more excited about the VALUE of my message yet I'm still poking around, talking, reading, listening and trying to learn about the best way to go about my business... There is so much great (and not so great) material out here, it is easy to get distracted, overwhelmed, and ultimately lost. So as I go through this process (I'm sure many of you can tell me how long I can expect it to last), I'm reminded of a few things but one struck me this morning... I must have goals. When we have goals, they must be SMART.






Seems like most people know that there must be goals in here somewhere but without the guidelines of the widely applicable SMART acronym, we can get distracted, overwhelmed, and ultimately lost... sounds familiar.

Set goals. Be smart.

How do you stay on track??

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