Getting Started @ home

Monday morning. I wake up and do not have an office to go to, no voicemail or email to check. I am officially a fish out of water but I can't sit still. My wife just got a great new job and the kids need to get to school. There is work that needs to be done. Let's get to it!

The first thing I need to after the kids leave for school is to go through everything that we have here and take inventory. I need to take time to see what we've got and make a broad list of anything and everything that I don't understand or that could use some improvement.

- Is the "house in order"? Physically and Financially. What needs work?
- what do we, don't we have streamlined? How about online accounts, passwords?
- Insurance. I think I might actually give the gecco a call!
- I've heard a lot about those 529's and we have two kids that are only 10 years away from college. OH MY!!
- What are those things that we've been talking about for a while, what are the "nice to do's"? We've been so busy working on the "need to do's."
- Those family photos have been piling up, I need to get those files cleaned up! What's the best way to do that?
- OK, my wife is at work, I just realized that all the leadership skills in the world aren't going to feed my kids. I need to get my act together in the kitchen.
- Before I can do that, I need food to work with, right? We need a shopping plan!
- The family income has been downsized, we will need to downsize the other side of the balance sheet too. Actually looking forward to that assignment.

I'm sure there is more to add to the list but this transition is overwhelming enough. I'll start with this list!


Brian McEwen said...

this is a test too, let's see how it goes...

Brian McEwen said...

what should I blog about...?